Research Ethics and Research Integrity Codes of Conduct

  1. The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity – ALL European Academies (ALLEA) and European Science Foundation (ESF)
  2. Code of Conduct – Committee on Publication ethics (COPE)
  3. Recommendations on Academic Integrity – German Council of Science and Humanities
  4. Fostering Research Integrity in Europe – ESF
  5. Stewards of Integrity – ESF
  6. European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (Affichette) – ALLEA, ESF
  7. Investigating Research Misconduct Allegations – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


Open Access

  1. Berlin Declaration on Open Access


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and “Autonomous” Systems

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and “Autonomous” Systems – European Commission (EC)


Research Ethics and Research Integrity in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

  1. A code of conduct for responsible nanosciences and nanotechnologies – European Commission (EC)
  2. Nanosafety in Europe 2015-2025 – Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Informative material

  1. Research Integrity: What it Means, Why it Is Important and How we Might Protect it
  2. Seven reasons to care about Integrity in Research
  3. University Autonomy in Europe
  4. Elsevier Publishing Campus – Publishing and Research Ethics
  5. Research Integrity Practices in Science Europe Member Organisations
  6. Ethical Issues in Medical and Scientific Publishing
  7. Ethics in Research & Publication


Material from National Committees of Research Ethics and Research Integrity

  1. The Research Ethics Library – The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committee
  2. Τί ξέρω για τη Βιοηθική (in Greek) – National Bioethics Committee (T. Vidalis, V. Mollaki)



  1. Ethics Education Library – Illinois Institute of Technology
  2. EthicsWeb